Flat Track Circuit Calendar 2017

2017 Calendar of relevant Events and Races

Events in RED are NOT at Henderson Clubrooms

Feb 1st club

Feb 8th club

Feb 15th club

Feb 18th Masters Interclub 1st round (Henderson)  2017_Masters_1_Results.pdf



Feb 22nd F1 trophy  2017_22_Feb_ProdFK_Trophy_Meeting_Result.pdf

Mar 1st club

Mar 8th club

Mar 11th – 12th BOP 6hr Endurance Team Event (Tauranga)

Mar 15th club

Mar 22nd club  

Mar 29th club  2017_29_March_Club_Night_Result.pdf

April 5th LMP Trophy  

April 7th- 8th NZSCA 12HR Endurance Team Event (Wellington)

April 12th club  2017_12_April_Club_Night_Result.pdf

April 19th club  2017_19_April_Club_Night_Result.pdf

April 26th LMP Trophy  2017_26_April_ProdFK_Trophy_Meeting_Result.pdf 

May 3rd club  2017_3_May_Club_Night_Result.pdf

May 10th club  2017_10_May_Club_Night_Results.pdf

May 17th LMP Trophy  2017_17_May_ProdFK_Trophy_Meeting_Result.pdf

May 24th club  

May 27th – 28th HMMRC 6hr Endurance Team Event  



June 7th club 

June 14th F1 Trophy 14_June_2017_Production_FK_Trophy_Meeting_Results.pdf

June 21st club  21_June_2017_Club_Night_Results.pdf

June 24th HMMRC North Island Championships Individual Event HMMRC_2017_North_Island_Champs_V4_One_Day_Meeting.pdf


June 28th club

July 5th Saloon Trophy y_2017_Production_FK_Saloon_Trophy_Meeting_Results.pdf

July 12th club  

Jully 15th Masters Interclub Round 2 (Paine St Raceway, Tga) 2017_Masters_Event_Round_2_-_BOP.pdf

July 19th club  July_26_2017_Club_Night_Results.pdf

July 26th club  July_26_2017_Club_Night_Results.pdf

July 27th – 30th  NZSCA 32nd National Chamionships (Wellington)

Aug 2nd club

Aug 9th GRP12 GTP Trophy  9_August_2017_Production_FK_Trophy_Meeting_Results.pdf

Aug 16th club No racing

Aug 23rd club 

Aug 30th club 

Sept 1-3 NZSCA 24TH National Championships Individual Event (Wellington)


Sept 6th club

Sept 13th club

Sept 20th club

Sept 27th club

Oct 4th club

Oct 11th club

Oct 13th – 14th BOP Championships Individual Event (Tauranga)


Oct 18th club

Oct 25th club

Nov 1st club

Nov 8th club - New trophy race TBA

Nov 15th club

Nov 22nd club

Nov 24th – 26th HMMRC Auckland Championships Individual Event