HMMRC Scale Drag Racing

General Car rules

Cars are to be 1/24th or 1/25th scale.
All cars etc to be of “scale appearance” unless it can be proven that a real drag car raced in that form
Only one driving motor per car unless specific class rules state otherwise
Maximum of four driven wheels unless specific class rules state otherwise
No part of the car is to rub, roll or run on the track tapes except for the guide, braid and wheels
Any car that tends to de-slot will not be allowed to run until such action has been taken to
remedy the cause
Only one device/item to be in the slot per car
Length of guide blade to remain as manufactured

General Body rules:

Full Body Cars
The body must be the widest part of the car - ie wheels, tyres, wings, wheelie wheels and chassis parts
may not be wider than the body. Items permitted outside the width of the body are body mounting pin-heads
and or body tape, decals, scale exhaust pipes, canard wings (where allowed)…
Exception: where proof can be given that a real car raced in that form (eg canard wings, gassers…)
Open Wheeled Cars (eg Dragsters, Altereds etc)
Rear wheels, motor detailing etc allowed outside body on open wheeled cars

All Cars

The body should cover the guide where possible.
Transparent bodies are prohibited
Wheel arches on lexan bodies must be either cut out or remain clear
Windows must be transparent, however decals, class marking and tinting is permitted, the rear window on a
Funny Car and Pro Mod car may be painted.
Windows may have holes if the real cars raced in that form.
Minimum roof height from track surface to top of car is 38.0mm.
Must have a painted 3 dimensional 1/24th or 1/25th scale driver placed in a normal driving position
Drivers to consist of a head, helmet, shoulders, arms and steering wheel

Front wheels must be mounted to the chassis in a vertical position and line up with wheel arch
Wheels must be a full circle (ie no semi circle or flats to allow lowering of body)
Minimum wheel/tyre diameter 15.0mm unless specific class rules state otherwise

Rear wheels must line up with wheel arch unless it can be proven that a similar “real car” raced in that form
Maximum distance between rear axle and wheelie wheel axle is 130.0mm
Wheelie wheels must rotate and must not run on the track tape/braid