1/24th Sports Trophy Round 1

Tonight was the HMMRC first 24th sports trophy meeting for the year the evening went very well starting on time and finishing well before 10pm much more respectable time, now as for the racing WOW we had an interesting evening with a few surprises and the B main guys showing us A graders a lesson in driving well mainly how to actually stay on the track which seems to help First up concourse as per the following 1st Luther 2nd Doug 3rd Steve 4th Ray 5th Dion 6th Rob J Not eve...ryone entered this and its not compulsory. Now the racing first up was the B main this was run pretty much non stop with little incidences and very close racing with Ray coming on strong from the start followed closely by Luther with Rob having a slow start but a strong finish, these guys seriously drove very well was a joy to watch the results were, 1st Ray J 211.68 2nd Rob J 207.60 3rd Luther 194.49 4th Frank 184.11 Next up the A main qualifying was pretty close within .2 across everyone and Dion running a NZSCA Flexi Falcon holding his own against lighter chassis which were mainly JK 2 or 3 piece all was going well until the racing started, stock cars sort of covers things and not on purpose just one of those nights and just staying out of trouble was the best strategy nice thought but didn’t really happen and I nearly made it out the club rooms door ! ( makes note must try harder ). Once things settled down race pace was the same as the qualifying times so it was all on Kieran was on fire and John wasn’t far behind Doug fitted a new motor that wasn’t quit on song yet and me well just tried to keep out of trouble, once we got our acts together John was pushing hard and was slamming good lap times ( and his car  ) Dougs car started pushing out 4.4sec laps dam fast and Kieran was Mr Smooth end result was only 1 lap between 1st and 2nd. 1st Steve 218.90 2nd Kieran 218.18 3rd Doug 207.35 4th Dion 205.01 5th John 201.27 So heres the changes, 1st steve,2nd Kieran,3rd Ray, 4th Rob, 5th Doug, 6th Dion ( first flexi ) 7th John,8th Luther ( junior ) 9th Frank as you can see the Ray was the big mover well done dude and until next week which is the 32nd Sports trophy meeting stay tuned guys itll be a good one

Posted: Friday 28 February 2014