1/32nd Sports Trophy Round 1

last race night we had the HMMRC 32nd Sports Car trophy event was very well attended and some interesting racing and somewhat a reverse of the last meeting as far as smoothness went per class.

 We had 6 standard cars using the X32 using a Falcon motor and 4 open using anything that didn’t meet the rules for standard class, we had Paul Caplan top Qual for standards with a 5.304 and Kieran Dale running a 4.109.

 The standards were first up and the track was a tad odd with many suffering odd handling behavior with front ends washing out mid corner for no reason may have been a dusty track but these guys didn’t fail to entertain with the lead changing 4 times thru the 6x3 runs, was great to see Hans and Erin joining us and lack of track time not worrying Hans who took the win !

 Hans 179.93

 Rob 175.29

 Paul 174.78

 Luther 164.59

 Erin 163.34

 Ray 159.62

 Next up open small group but fast as would be expected having two spare lanes gave us some breathing room but didn’t stop me driving like a muppet ! We only got to heat 3 and had to stop due to a couple of highly intoxicated locals on gas powered chilly bins driving to relive their childhood doing donuts in our car park outside, with some gentle persuasion they moved along

 Back into racing Kieran came out tops doing some of his best times on the gutter lane on white and John not getting a clean run but still bloody fast and myself well yea ive ordered a new car and controller hahaha Dion using a borrowed GRP12 was somewhat disadvantaged time to repair that strap car young fella

 Kieran 242.52

 John 228.22

 Steve 222.54

 Dion 207.14

 Concours was as followed

 1st Rob

 2nd Luther

 3rd Erin

 4th Ray

 5th Steve

 6th Hans

 Next week is club night for 32nd sports/gp


Posted: Tuesday 4 March 2014