1/32nd Club Night Sports & GP

Hey everyone, late post but better than never our last club nigh was sports/gp 32nd great turn out again and interesting racing and an improved result for some based on our last nights racing where the track was having a bad hair day we think

 First up was sports we had 6 standards and one open I decided to run a standard for a change to keep wear and tear down on my strap cars in saying that was still dam close racing once you get your head around setting up the X32 JK falcon chassis they have great pace, Luther’s car had a birthday during the week and seemed to have a desired result during practice managed a 4.96 lap !

 John 139.10 ( open )

 Steve 126.72

 Luther 121.70

 Ray 118.95

 Rob 118.26

 Frank 115.18

 Bruce 107.90

 It was Bruce’s first time running a 32nd finding out they they don’t really handle the same as a 24th ! but was getting the hang of it.

 Next we had 32nd GP this year we will run these more often than ever before not everyone has a GP so some get to run a sports car but take half points we has 2x open John & Steve ( that’s me ) and the rest standards as such, boy did it show we don’t run these often enough but dam they are tons are fun well I think so plus love the challenge. Racing was well varied which was to be expected and Rob decided towards the end of my last race when I came off ( I do that frequently ) to check my car out so we had a good chat for 2-3 laps as everyone went past.

 It was funny and it was pay back for me starting a race the other week before Rob was on the drivers stand so were even ! for now hahaha all light hearted and enjoyable which is what its meant to be about for all aspects of racing that’s called good club spirit.

 Steve 127.57 ( open )

 Luther 117.63 ( half points sports )

 John 114.23 ( open )

 Rob 113.84 ( open )

 Bruce 108.42 ( half points sports )

 Ray 103.55 ( half points sports )

 Frank 93.20 Standard GP full points

 Frank being the only standard GP running as Ray was having issues with his ( its gp they have issues ) so its getting the once over this week, well done Frank.

 Now its shameless plug time ive been using the 3rd eye Renegrade controller has performed faultlessly but with an open 32nd it kicked too hard when the full power relay kicked in so I got the new Hitman FET I pre bed the wiper in and gave it a lube and reshaped the trigger and I have to say im impressed it made a major difference to running all my cars, the main thing being my ES32 last week I was struggling to run 4.3 straight away laps times were flat 4.1 but I still need to step it up to keep John and Keiran honest so I also got a new Castricone ES32 ill keep you posted on how that runs.

 Next week is 24th sports/classics itll be the first run for the new classics body rules so itll be fast paced so far the run as fast a sports stay tuned people !!!

Posted: Saturday 8 March 2014