1/24th Sports & Classic

Club night 12/3/14 was our first time running the 24th classic as a regular class was a surprising for some how well they run and nice to see old school style Can Am running around again this is becoming popular around the country now give the sport a injection in interest, we had M8D’s Shadow, Marsh,Lola T163 being the pick for now there is much to choose form out there so itll change weekly and stupid me didn’t take a pic of them
Anyway this is how it paned out for the evening
John 147.59 ( was on fire I tell ya )
Keiran 142.01
Rob 133.88
Luther 131.95
Steve 129.35
Frank 119.50
Ray 84.00 ( motor came loose )
I ran the Champion/Falcon Flexi as next week is the BOP champs which ill bring you pic’s of the rest ran NZSCA S16D Flexi and a couple of JK X series chassis’s.
Next up sports 24th a mix of cars as in chassis most opt for a body change others running purpose built Xseries chassis using the Falcon7 John was the man for the night setting pace and staying on which seems to help im told great quality of racing done by all and I had a very enjoyable run against Kieran end results were
John 149.38
Steve 146.24
Kieran 145.90
Rob 141.53
Ray 135.92
Luther 133.86
Frank 112.10
Not full house of people but quality races and plenty of smiles on a side note I ran my new ES32 Castricone in anger for a few laps was most impressed with the chassis and new motor taking .3 off my best lap time to date running a flat 4.1 now only .05 off Keiran and John was a good night,next week is 24th Gp which is always interesting cars to run that mess with ya head at times then it’s the BOP ( Bay of Plenty Champs) which features 24th LMP,Saloon and Classic all cars are Champion Flexi /Falcon7 always a great event stay tuned.

Posted: Saturday 15 March 2014