1/24th F1 Trophy Round 1

There’s a old saying quality over quantity and that’s how to describe our 24th GP/F1 trophy meeting there’s was never a dull moment, John was the man on the move for another meeting with him and Kieran changing lead in the final 4 times was awesome to watch. The boys from Hamilton really put a show giving us a lesson on how it's done they were fast but our track is about staying on as much as it looks wide open it's not that simple many thanks for coming along Paul & Wayne always great to have you guys joining in.
With that being said here’s how the qualifying panned out
John 4.856
Kieran 4.858
Paul 4.876
Wayne 5.031
Steve 5.188
Ray 5.270
Rob 5.329
Frank 5.705
As you can see the top 4 were separated by less than .2 sec now that’s great stuff to see the ‘B’ main was just as close while I was busy watching Ray I forgot all about Rob when we got to the 3rd heat there was only 1’ foot between us, we ran lap for lap side by side for over 2min it was nerve racking and I folded to the better driver Rob, was awesome stuff dude very enjoy able here's how we finished,
John 206.61
Kieran 204.61
Rob 194.26
Steve 193.60
Paul 192.95
Wayne 186.07
Ray 178.24
Frank 177.89
How's that for close racing quality racing an racers as always we also had concourse as follows
Next week we have 32nd sports and GP I'm sure it'll be entertaining


Posted: Monday 24 March 2014