Latest progress on the New Track build

  • Rob keeping the dust down while Doug cuts out the first of the S Bends
  • Setting up the first of the Legs and Joiners
    Hans putting the Track Joiners in Place and the Legs.
  • First of the Straights
    two completed straights ready to be joined
  • Making sure the measurements add up and everything matches
  • Working on the 3rd straight
  • 23rd December
    Attaching the Legs and Joiners to the bottom end corner
  • Finished corner going down to the S bends
  • 24th December
    Hans checking out for marshaling on the inside corner
  • Making more legs today for the rest of the Track
  • 24th December
    Dion and Rob attaching the legs and joiners to the Corner and S Bends coming along very nicely everything matching just right
  • Finally
    Making sure everything is lining up the S bends to the bottom corner
  • And there we have it just adjusting it a little to match up
  • The Best shot yet
    Looking great we can finally see the Track taking shape
  • The straights joined up now
  • Another view of the Straight still has to be positioned to its final resting place
  • Rob, Doug and Franz putting a another piece of the puzzle in place
  • Looking back at the progress done on the track for the day
  • 26th December
    Completion of another day
  • Hans checking out another Marshalling point
  • Doug and Rob having a quick chit chat during lunch break

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