Latest progress on the New Track build

  • Just making sure the dust level stays low
  • Just completed the laminated sides for the over bridge for the Rohan fly over
  • Maurice popped up and gave us a helping hand for the day
  • Doug cleaning up the burrs off hell corner
  • 5th January 2013
    putting the final piece of the track together
  • Cleanup Time
    Doug cleaning off the Track from all the dust
  • And the Final cleanup
    Paul popped in and helped with the clean up
  • 5th January 2013
    still cleaning trying to get all the little pieces up
  • And the Final shot on the 5th January
    Now we are getting ready to sand the sides so it makes the routing of the lanes easier
  • Having a rest after the cleanup, Rob just jumped out of picture and Doug taking it.
  • Team America
    We had a few people from the USA pop in, never been to a Slot Car club or raced so we invited them to come and have a race and see what slot cars is about, very impressed at the Tracks.
  • The Tidy Up
    Jan popped up on Monday night 7th Jan helped out with sanding the sides to make it smooth for the router.
  • The guys just going over there work to make sure it's just right.
  • cleaning up after another busy night
  • Doug checking to see if the router jig with the rollers on is the right fit.
  • Maurice and Frank popped up on Wednesday Night 9th Jan to check out the progress on the track, while Hans and Rob are making the straight edge for the straights to make sure the lanes are right for routing.
  • Frank checking the track out while Doug is sorting out the edges for the jig to run smoothly. By the end of the night the lane lines have been sorted. next step keep watching.
  • Jan popped up to help fix up the joins and sand
  • Maurice and Hans under the track fixing up the legs
  • First routed lane looking good, now the rest of the track.
  • Doug and Rob concentrating hard to get the lanes perfect.

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